Using culture to drive wellbeing and restore and rebuild Productivity, Engagement & Retention

With many teams currently facing the challenges of reduced pay during lockdown, redeployment and reduced hours, COVID-19 has had a marked impact on organisational wellbeing and culture.

Productivity, retention and engagement of staff needs to sit at the heart of your people strategy as rebuild discussions begin. Assessing how your people are actually doing, and where they need help will frame and determine the wellbeing drivers to focus on.

Hear from Rochelle Spillane, Organisational Capability Leader for Ballance Agri-Nutrients, as she explains how Ballance challenged their people to connect with and personally care about the safety and wellbeing of their workmates through their in-house programme, resulting in lower recordable incidents, a significant breakdown in silo behaviours, and an increase in collaboration.

Our People and Wellbeing practitioners will deep dive into:

  • What good business culture looks like, and what you should expect from your staff
  • Converting strategy into workplace practice by examining results and making improvements through review and adjustment cycles
  • Supporting your workforce – tools and support provisions to guide the organisation’s intervention and prevention plans
  • Making changes to better address meaningful issues like the effects of suicide and chronic or significant health problems on teams

Workplace wellbeing is not a one person job, you need your entire business to build, implement and maintain the strategy.

Constructing your workplace wellbeing strategy

  • Thursday, 9 July 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM
  • Live Webinar


Business Development Manager
Partnerships & Group, nib

Chief People Officer
LIC (Livestock Improvement Corporation)

Organisational Capability Leader
Ballance Agri-Nutrients
Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager
Tonkin + Taylor


8:30 - 9:00

Webinar lobby is open

9:00 - 9:10

MC Introduction

Ian Sargeant, Business Development Manager – Partnerships & Group – nib
9:10 - 9:50

Assessing your organisation’s overall wellbeing –determining the wellbeing drivers and where you need to focus

  • Establishing wellbeing as fundamental part of your business strategy to inform decision making, implement change and establish measurements to transform performance
  • Active, relevant feedback loops – Creating effective, regular dialogue between staff, managers and HR to allow full view of challenges and hurdles up and down the chain
  • The post-pandemic environment – considering lockdown effect and COVID-19 impact on personal & professional wellbeing
Roz Urbahn, Chief People Officer – LIC (Livestock Improvement Corporation)
9:50 - 10:30

Your wellbeing strategy – construct meaningful wellness objectives and create an implementation roadmap for your organisation, teams and individuals

  • Applying Manaakitanga principles to convert fear of the consequences of non-compliance to a belief in looking out for each other
  • What does good business culture look like, and what are you expecting from your staff?
  • Enabling a sense of connected purpose through satisfying and meaningful work – what does everyday employee wellbeing look like
Rochelle Spillane, Organisational Capability Leader – Ballance Agri-Nutrients
10:30 - 10:50

Morning Tea Break – Interactive exercise

10:50 - 11:30

When the rubber hits the road – enable your people to own their wellbeing strategy and build continuous improvement cycles

  • Converting strategy into workplace practice, examining results and making improvements through review and adjustment cycles
  • Enabling your ambassadors – Practical steps to take to promote cooperation, drive performance, and enhance engagement
  • Supporting your workforce – tools and support provisions to guide the organisation’s intervention and prevention plans
11:30 - 12:10

Setting up your people for Success – how Tonkin + Taylor have transformed the way their entire organisation prioritises wellbeing

  • Uncovering and addressing the hidden hurdles and barriers – what can’t be changed through a programme? – Labour and workforce planning, management behavior, resource allocation
  • Mitigating resistance and navigating the intangibles – creating buy-in early to encourage constructive engagement and good organisational citizenship
  • Evolution not revolution – how the Wellbeing Team continually engage with staff, measuring results and using feedback to move and improve overall strategic goals
Dianne Campton, Health Safety & Wellbeing Manager – Tonkin + Taylor
12:10 - 12:15

MC wrap up and session ends

Ian Sargeant, Business Development Manager – Partnerships & Group – nib


nib can now offer EMA member businesses of five or more employees the same access to big benefits usually reserved for groups of 15+ members, including:

  • Immediate pre-existing conditions cover (excluding general exclusions, and Serious Condition Lump Sum option).
  • Waived stand down periods on GP, Dental & Optical and Specialist Options when added within 90 days of policy commencement.
  • Extension of concessions to immediate family members of employees, when added within 90 days of policy commencement or marriage.

For further information, join us at the event or please get in touch with the nib group team today. Email:  | Phone: 0800 287 642

Registration & Pricing

Individual Bookings

EMA Members

$ 235
00 +GST
  • 3 CPD Hours


$ 335
00 +GST
  • 3 CPD Hours

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