Health and safety in the workplace is evolving beyond prescriptive procedures towards leading your people, keeping in mind the realities of the world they are actually working in.  The duty to keep your people safe must be a joint task and focussed on prevention rather than reaction.

Our Conference experts will explore best-practice to increase employee engagement. They will address invisible harms such as serious trauma in your teams and safety by design, whilst blending in known H&S practices with the initiatives Safety 2, Safety Differently and Human and Operational Performance (HOP).

Senior health and safety practitioners and leaders will lead in-depth discussions, exploring key ideas such as:

  • Implementing pre-qualification and stringent systems that keep agreements working operationally
  • Evaluating your plant with the philosophies of design in mind – What should you measure, and how?
  • Refocusing your wellness programme to maximise its effectiveness
  • Invisible harm; Hearing loss or reduction; Inhalation and airborne quality control
  • Sharing evidence, information and expectations throughout the return to work process – ACC, occupational therapist, GP, medical specialists and how to find the truth in the complicated
  • ‘Legal Medical Marijuana’ – An employer’s perspective on the impact and potential repercussions of the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Act extending to more than palliative care

At this year’s practitioners’ conference on health and safety, we will focus on helping you drive ownership and engagement throughout your business. The benefits will be enhanced collaboration that enables agile shifts in processes and behaviours.

23rd Annual
Health & Safety Conference

Ellerslie Event Centre

19 & 20 June 2019

1.5 Day Conference



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optional workshops


Workshop 1: 1315 – 1615

Moving beyond the blame game in the multiple PCBU environment


Workshop 2: 1315 – 1615

Reframing Mental Health, Stress and Anxiety in Your Workplace


keynote Carol McSweeney Senior Air Quality Specialist, Occupational Hygienist and Principal, Air Matters.
keynote Jon Harper Slade GM Skills and Competency, Construction Health & Safety NZ
keynote Charlotte Parkhill Partner, KensingtonSwan
keynote Benjamin Barber Health and Safety manager, Spencer Henshaw Ltd
keynote Michelle Cooper Group Safety & Wellbeing Manager, Foodstuffs North Island Limited
keynote Andy Graves Safety and WellBeing Leader, New Zealand Lion
keynote Kevin Chambers Quality Assurance Manager, EMA
keynote Karl Hardy Managing Director, WorkCare NZ
keynote Wendy Macphail Director, Accord Services Limited
keynote Robin Wilks Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Daiken Southland Limited
keynote Mark Sims HSE Manager - Transport Services, Downer New Zealand
keynote Dr Kirstine Hulse Group People,  Performance and Safety Culture Manager, Northpower
keynote Darren Ward CEO, NZ Hearing Industry Association
keynote Chris Eastham Health and Wellbeing Manager, Z Energy
keynote Brent Sutton Principal, Safety Associates


Day 1 19 June 2019
09:10 - 09:50

Location, Location, Location – Employees on-the-road, working off-site and staff travel – how to keep your staff safe everywhere they are

  • Drawing the line between policy and common sense – Transferring your organisation’s protocols to everywhere that your staff need to be –
  • Travel, in-transit and reporting in – are we at the stage we need to “chip” our staff, vehicles or equipment in order to know your people are safe
  • Working from home and employer responsibilities – Resourcing obligations, mitigating stress and ensuring productivity
  • Out-of-office or off-the clock – what to do when late nights, long shifts and Christmas parties blur the line of responsibility
10:10 - 10:30

Hearing loss or reduction – The biggest cost to New Zealand business according to ACC

  • The science of sound, environments, and hearing injuries – Hearing related injuries and deterioration and what employers never listen out for
  • Mitigating the impact to your staff, the public and employees transitioning through high risk spaces – What are your responsibilities for invisible harms causing deterioration?
  • Pre-existing hearing injuries – what to look out for, how it changes your protocol and your duties

Darren Ward, CEO – New Zealand Hearing Industry Association

11:50 - 12:30

Moving your Safety Culture from reaction to prevention and ensuring ownership is more than accountability

  • Shifting behaviours, leading change and selling the dream to the masses
  • How well do you know your business? Constructing feedback loops and analytics that give you a 360 view of the active & potential risks.
  • Working with your people to find the best ways to solve problems without seeming like the police check in their way.
  • How changing language and communication can change whether your people care, engage and follow-through.

Michelle Cooper, Group Safety & Wellbeing Manager – Foodstuffs North Island Limited

13:20 - 13:30

Award Presentation: Patrick Seaman Excellence Award 2019

The Patrick Seaman Excellence Award 2019 recognises the effort and contribution by an EMA member/student to further their knowledge in the field of health and safety. This award commemorates Patrick Seaman – EMA Trainer and Consultant who passed away June 2015.

13:30 - 14:00

‘Legal Medical Marijuana’ – An employer’s perspective on the impact and potential repercussions if the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Act extends to more than palliative care

  • Snapshot: Where NZ Policy sits today, its strengths and short comings, and what it says about us and our attitude toward Cannabis.
  • What are other countries doing with their Cannabis legislation and how might we learn from their business’ experiences?
  • Preparing for tough conversations in your business when future Cannabis legislation widens.
  • How could it affect your processes, product, and plant? How would this evolve your organisations view and culture towards this? Will it change your customers or the environment you trade in?

Karl Hardy, Managing Director – WorkCare NZ

14:00 - 14:40

Health & Safety By Design: Putting your people first at the heart of your Systems, Machinery, and Plant

  • Safety by design in the world of Safety II, Safety Differently and Human Operational Performance
  • Evaluating your Plant with the philosophies of design in mind – What should you measure, and how?
  • Thrashing out what’s valuable long term – How to decipher if ideas are future proof or just todays fashion?
  • Feedback – The complexities of gathering input from staff and keeping the conversations revolving back around
  • How to foster and future-proof design thinking habits in your own team to align with what others do
  • Effective considerations for staying within budgets and timelines when cash flow can be a no-go ‘nice-to-have’ killer

Brent Sutton, Occupational Risk Management Specialist – Safety Associates

15:05 - 15:40

Return-To-Work Plans (RTW) – What does best-practice support look like when balancing out ongoing physical and mental safety – Putting the employer in charge of RTW

  • What does ongoing support look like and who is responsible and for how long?
  • Sharing evidence, information and expectations throughout the RTW process – ACC, Occupational Therapist, GP, specialists and how to get the truth out of the complicated
  • Gambling on ethics and good faith to uphold the rehabilitation process – Masterful manoeuvre tactics when a party just isn’t meeting their obligations
  • When Best Health means calling it quits:  Identifying when a RTW plan is beyond your capacity to continue further, and having the hard conversations

Charlotte Parkhill, Partner – KensingtonSwan

15:40 - 16:20

When serious trauma occurs in the workplace – what do you have in place to manage stress, anxiety and the impact of mental health on the individual, team and their managers?

  • The ripple effect of serious injury, illness or death on your teams and the warning signs things aren’t all back to normal
  • Instant response through to one year later – how deeply do your people get affected by the tough stuff?
  • Keeping your people safe and empowering them to speak up when they are thinking, “But it didn’t happen to me”
  • Awkward conversations, offering support and where is the line on what you’re able to ask when supporting the mind game
  • Employer obligations – what if it’s not getting better and supporting your staff member actually requires intervention

Wendy Macphail, Director – Accord Employment Law Services

Day 2 20 June 2019
09:10 - 09:50

Managing emerging risks with multiple Contractors – Constructing Safety Performance “Turning Compliance into Competitive Advantage”

  • Implementing pre-qualification and stringent systems that keep agreements working operationally
  • Measuring and tracking workflows fairly to ensure consistency and quality of your product or service
  • Are your health and safety systems and capability growth ready? – Keeping your contractors and business safe when it’s time to expand
  • Volunteers and interns – Safeguards to utilise non-paid or untrained staff in dynamic environments
  • What happens when your contractors are left in charge? What does this mean for systems, liability and capability?

Mark Sims, HSE Manager – Transport Services – Downer New Zealand

09:50 - 10:30

Making safety culture a daily affair through microlearning – shifting behaviours and attitudes

  • How we can use the science of the brain and technology to make advances in safety thinking
  • Practical innovation and tools for teams that drive sustainable safety strategy
  • Key steps for implementing micro-learning as a capability tool without piles of paperwork
  • How SMEs can look at the system, analytics and reporting to support micro-learning
  • Creating collaborative tools to learn as a team i.e. learn from incidents, near misses but also when things go well

Dr Kirstine Hulse, Group People, Performance and Safety Culture Manager, Northpower


11:00 - 11:40

More than a fruit bowl – Wellbeing programmes that genuinely deal with the hard parts of your team’s lives

  • How Z Energy are using wellbeing to support the full spectrum of who their people are
  • What are we ready for and what are the imperative steps to put in place? – Identifying your organisation’s place on the cultural maturity ladder
  • Using Just culture principles and Fair go in Practice to manage prevention and incidents
  • Ownership can change everything – Deciding where wellbeing should sit amongst the broader business strategy
  • Communication and success can mean very different things depending on your organisational culture – Integrating Policy and commitment across the business

Chris Eastham, Well-being Manager – Z Energy

11:40 - 12:20

Integrating Pacifica cultural values and Safety Differently Principles to generate a measurable engagement program

  • Organisational and cultural values and how they affect strategy and daily choices for better or worse
  • Diagnosing the root causes of the symptoms of a struggling safety culture and translating into a specific Safe System of Work programme
  • Co-constructing a holistic, safe and effective framework that supports contracted workers – The model, the safety principles and the support required
  • Measuring your engagement programme as a continuous improvement programme and integrating feedback loops

Benjamin Barber, Health and Safety Manager – Spencer Henshaw Ltd


Moving beyond the blame game in the multiple PCBU environment

Owning safety performance of your contractors means you keep control of your Health and safety framework and share your organisation’s beliefs with a very different bunch of people that don’t always talk to you or even each other.

In this workshop we will:
• Understand how contractor pre-qualification works
• Review a contractor’s site-specific Health and Safety plan
• Establishing effective communications amongst Multiple PCBUs
• Discuss the need for consultation, co-ordination and co-operation with contractors, and conduct a review of a contractor’s Health and Safety performance

You will gain access to this NZQA registered unit standard:
17595 Version 4, Level 4, Credits 8

Explain health and safety management requirements for contractors working on site.

Robin Duthie – Health and Safety Trainer – EMA

Robin Duthie bio: Robin is a contractor working closely with the EMA Health and Safety Advisory Service. His specialist skills in the health and safety area have been developed from roles at both Genesis Energy and Fonterra following a career in human resources.


Reframing Mental Health, Stress and Anxiety in Your Workplace

Explain the drivers of poor workplace culture, how these manifest and relate to worker productivity and what measures can be used to assess current the state

In this workshop we will:

  • Categorise organisational maturity to identify the drivers of productive workers
  • Use metrics to assess workplace culture
  • Dive deep into contributors to stress
  • Adopt the right communicating attitude

You will gain a useable questionnaire/template that identifies organizational maturity and/or risk level in this area.

Peter Simunovich –Rehabilitation Consultant – EMA

Peter lectures in human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and public health at Auckland polytechnics and universities and holds a Master’s degree in Public Health with post graduate qualifications in the field of health science.


Small Business, Big Benefits!

EMA through nib can now offer members of five or more employees the same health cover benefits usually reserved for businesses of 15+ employees, including.

  • Immediate pre-existing conditions cover (excluding general exclusions, and Serious Condition Lump  Sum option).
  • Waived stand down periods on GP, Dental & Optical   and Specialist Options when added within 90 days of policy commencement.
  • Extension of concessions to immediate family members of employees, when added within 90 days of policy commencement.

For further information, join us at Fresh People or please get in touch with the nib group team today. Email:  | Phone: 0800 287 642


Telarc Limited is New Zealand’s leading certifier of quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management systems. Currently Telarc is the largest Certification body providing ISO, JAS-ANZ accredited, Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental certificates in the New Zealand market.

Telarc’s core role is to give businesses and organisations the assessment tools they need for improvement and differentiation of their products and services in the market. We achieve this through professional assessment, reporting and certification of a wide range of management systems across many industry sectors.

Telarc has developed a H&S standard for low-medium risk SME’s in the New Zealand market. Q-Safe was developed in 2004 and has been recently re-designed to incorporate the changes in the H&S legislation in NZ and the style within which the newly launched ISO45001 is audited.  Additional input was received from key regulators to ensure the standard reflected where they wish to see H&S performance in NZ head. The Q in Q-Safe reflects the incorporation of a Quality assessment within the audit process. it is Telarc’s belief that god Quality practices are essential in deliver of healthier and safer outcomes.

It is Telarc’s belief that Q-Safe provides a very good first step for NZ SME’s who want to start managing their H&S performance in a whole of business manner.



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Keep your people safe and lead them and your contractors, while protecting your business from potential multi-PCBU failures.

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